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Equality Calendar

Equality Calendar Logo - featuring the Equality Cats

Welcome to our all new Equality Calendar!

This calendar is design to show and help make everyone aware of all events, awareness days, and participation opportunities about equalities and life in Fife.

You can also submit your event as one of our partners, please use the + button on the calendar or contact us using, calling us on 01592 645310 or texting us at 07800 005 834.

The Fife Equality Calendar:

Diversity Week 2019 conference attendees with hands raised

Diversity Week Fife!

Diversity Week Fife is a week-long celebration of everything that makes Fife great. Starting way back in 2015, the aim of Diversity Week has been to highlight the vibrancy of life in Fife, and the communities, organisations and groups that make it a fairer place to live, work and study. 


As part of this, are asking individuals and organisations to share their “highlights” from any activities they have hosted or taken part in throughout the year, if you have anything you'd like to share, send it through to us using!  

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