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Fife Equalities Forum

The Fife Equalities Forum takes place on the second Wednesday of every month, with a guest speaker sharing their work or plan in Fife.

The meetings take place on Microsoft Teams by default and are facilitated by the FCE team to enable partners work together, network and make Fife a fairer place to live, work and study.

Fife Equalities Forum logo - two hands clasped around a heart

Our 2024 Fife Equalities Forums:

  • April 2024: Members Updates and New Introductions

  • March 2024: Members Updates and International Women's Day Highlight 

  • February 2024: Members Updates - New Opportunities for Collaboration 

  • January 2024: Members Updates and Festive Period Support

Join the Forum today: 

All Fife-based equality organisations are welcome to join as a member. Members are expected to give a talk about their work or an equality topic, as well as are invited to share their views about advancing equality and inclusion in Fife, for example feeding back in Fife Council’s Equality and Diversity Outcomes.


Membership is free, simply contact us using the details below to tell us if you agree for your contact details to be shared with forum members.


Please note that membership will lapse if there’s no attendance/RSVP for 3 months to keep admin lean, however you can always re-join. Guests attending for just a session or topic are welcome.


New Volunteer House

16 East Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy KY1 1XT



01592 645310


+44 7800 005 834

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