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Volunteer with Us

Fife Centre for Equalities is always on the lookout for people interested volunteering! See below for some of our opportunities. 

Don't see anything that suits you? Get in touch! We can support you with a range of roles such as events management, administration, social media management and much more. 


Equality Testers

Help us make local services fairer! Our Equality Testers feed back on any barriers they have faced when trying to access local services and support. It's a great opportunity to get out and about, make new connections and help improve services. 


Companion Support

Our Companion Support volunteers are the backbone of our Get-Togethers! They work to reduce social isolation within communities by taking part in group gatherings, events and more. 


Equality Networkers and Factfinders

Our Equality Networkers and Factfinders are part of our research team. They help us learn more about the different groups and characteristics across Fife, as well as contributing to our statistical reports and publications. 

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