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Equality Briefings

Our Equality Briefings are based on topics that we come across and have identified in our day-to-day work, incoming enquiries and community concerns.

They are useful reports that provide advice and guidance on a range of different topics, covering items such as accessibility, mental health, poverty and protected characteristics and much more. 

Accessibility Briefing Graphic featuring braille text that reads "Helping to improve accessibility for you and your organisation"

Accessibility and Inclusivity


Our Accessibility Briefing hopes to give you a good overview of how important accessibility and inclusivity is when trying to get in touch with and use services, as well as participating in day-to-day work, study and living in Fife.

It covers topics such as: 

  • In-person Inclusive Events

  • Venue Assessments

  • Language Barriers

  • Website and Digital Accessibility 

  • Digital Exclusion

Looking for our other reports, guidance and briefings?

Our resources page is a handy one-stop-shop for all of our published reports, briefings, toolkits and guidance. If you would like to view more of our work, please click here.

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