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We are currently moving posts from our previous website here. If you want to catch up on older posts , please visit the link below. Thanks!

Volunteer's Week 2024: Malcolm and Mubarka's Stories!

As part of Volunteer's Week 2024, we will be sharing some of our current volunteer's experiences so far, what they enjoy about volunteering and the benefits that it brings them!

We can't thank our volunteers enough for the huge contributions they make to help us deliver our services.

We're always on the lookout for people interested in making a real difference. If you would be interested in volunteering, please contact us at or call 01592 645310.



I have been a Companion Support Volunteer with Fife Centre for Equalities for almost a year. I decided to join as I felt it was a unique Charity with a multitude of benefits for me as a volunteer. It also interested me as it was a fantastic opportunity to understand the cultures as well of difficulties encountered by a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds within Fife.


It has been great to meet up with people within the group and gain an understanding of the charity as well as meeting members of the group. Also meeting stakeholders from groups who are looking to contribute to the well-being of members within the group.


I would recommend volunteering as it provides a great life experience to your day-to-day existence and enables you to contribute to the charity and its members at different levels.


I would say to anyone thinking about volunteering to see what volunteering is available and tailor it to specific interests that you have, then give it a go. I had been looking for quite a while before this opportunity arose so I would suggest to keep persevering with it until the right opportunity arises. You will never regret making that choice!



I have been a Companion Support volunteer with Fife Centre for Equalities for a few years.


I have always enjoyed volunteering and have done so most of my life at different organisations. I currently also volunteer at my local charity shop which has helped me grow my confidence and my language skills. Volunteering with FCE seemed like a great opportunity to meet new people, form new friendships and to keep improving on myself.


I would recommend volunteering with FCE to anyone interested in learning more about people from different backgrounds and needs. I found that no matter who I met, we always found a topic of interest between us. Volunteering is a very rewarding thing to do because I can learn new skills, meet new people but also help others and it was great with FCE to be able to help my fellow ethnic minorities experiencing loneliness.



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